Challenge Walk

2022 Event Update

Firstly, thank you very much for your prompt applications for the NESST Challenge walk 2022. After having to cancel last year’s walk due to COVID-19 we were very excited for this year’s walk and have made every effort to try and ensure that this year’s walk could go ahead. With the current COVID-19 infection rates we have been forced to look at alternatives to enable us to operate in a safe and secure environment for both our volunteer staff and participants. 

It is with much regret that having considered all the alternatives and suggestions put forward we have been unable to find a safe workable solution and therefore have been left with no other option but to cancel this year’s event. We recognise that this will cause much disappointment for all involved especially for our young people who have been through another tough year and will have been looking forward to the event.
If you have transferred funds via BACS please get in touch via email to advise if you would like a refund or to hold funds till next year. Any cheques received have not been banked and will be securely destroyed. 

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused and we very much look forward to next year’s walk on 21st January 2023.

Yours in Scouting,
Alistair & Keith
Event Organisers

We're ready to lace up our boots for an adventure...are you?

What better way to kick off another Scouting year, than with our annual challenge hike? Yes, we're back, and we can't wait to welcome you on an adventure in and around the mighty Sherwood Forest. We have walks tailored for all sections so check out our offering and register your group for an event like no other!

Our Walks

Beaver Ramble

The Beaver ramble is open to all Beaver Scouts. The walk length is approximately 1.5 miles and stays within the grounds of Walesby Forest. The event is open to teams of up to a maximum of 20 and must include at least Three Adults

1.5 miles

Cub Ramble

The Cub ramble is open to all Cub Scouts. The walk length is between 4 and 5 miles in length and explores the surrounding countryside. The event is open to teams of up to a maximum of 20 and must include at least three adults

4.5 miles

The Challenge Walk

The Challenge Walk is open to all Scouts, Explorers, Guides, Senior Section, Network Units, other recognised youth organisations and leader teams. Teams of between 4 and 8 participants will hike through the night taking in a series of bases and challenges along the way. The challenge walk is offered in two lengths, the shorter walk of approximately 10 miles, and the longer walk of approximately 18 miles.

Find out more

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